Making Waves

Wave Racer, fresh out of the box and still has that new car smell. A mountain of hang gliding synths and a bass drum that punches harder than Mike Tyson playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for the first time. This Sydney based artist captures the after after after party glow, taking on an almost unrealistic environment. Rock U Tonite is a touching homage to Rustie‘s “Surph” from Glass Swords, and takes the sub genre “MAXIMILISM” to a new floor. This track has the energy and electricity of a party and lifestyle that one has yet to achieve, and is only the tip of a much larger tip of an iceberg yet to be discovered.

THE MOMENT: In Rock U Tonite, Wave Racer plays off the high intensity of the rhythm section, loud and proud. What impresses most is the under use of top to bottom tom rolls that we see so often saturated in what I like to call the era of Tomination. (Washed Out, Ryan Hemsworth, Karl X Johan). The moment for me happens to be the second use of the top to bottom roll, 2:40-2:45. A complete and utter earthquake. LISTEN, LIKE, LOVE.

Not to be confused with this childhood gem.



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