Just a Bit Higher Now


Not to be confused with the popular nursery home game “Yahtzee“, the Aussie sampler Yahtzel slays it with his newest single High With Me. You are thinking what I’m thinking right? I mean, NY is great and all but lets give some props to The Aussies for pumping out some amazing electric. The single is a hip hop progression battling with off time marimbas, screwed up samples and earthquake claps. Piano being on the forefront is a flawless choice much like a close counter part, ODESZA. This track literally does what is says, takes you high with Yahtzel. Can you picture yourself rolling through a city at night in slow motion with some good friends headed to a killer party? I hope you feel as welcomed as I do within this dub electric, single hand waving, house party banger. ENJOY…


Like I mentioned above, ODESZA is a MUST listen too.


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