Taking it from the SOURCE


Want to hear and be heard? The free  app I have mocked up is called Scramble. Basically it serves as a way for brand new artists to capture our short attention span within a mobile environment. Scramble is a hub for uploading your own tracks and downloaded your friends. An app that serves as a sharing platform for hot off the grill original media. As a musician or just a seeker of new music, Scramble would randomly throw you into a mix of brand new uploaded tracks every time it is launched. Scramble will then pick its own favored tracks weekly for the front page! Within the app, you will be able to keep a record of your personal favorites and put them on a playlist to better keep tabs on up and coming artists. Apps such as Spotify and Soundcloud have similar features but the difference with Scramble is its radius based updates. Within the pull down menu you can select Scramble to randomize tracks that have been uploaded in your local area.


Scramble takes music form your neighborhood.



Customize your profile and tell us who inspires you.

From this point you can develop a relationship with a local artist and perhaps start some connection. This is not a top 40 type of radio app, this is a homegrown, individually publicized marketing tool for the hardworking musician. Want to be a bit more creative? Scramble allows you to take and upload your own photos as a part of your press kit to better entice an eager listener. Find your friends in the search bar located on the top left and follow each others playlist! Upload to your hearts content and make a splash into the ever expanding music world.


One thought on “Taking it from the SOURCE

  1. This is such an awesome app idea! I love that it isn’t like a top 40 app where you hear the same, tired songs all of the time. Also did an amazing job editing your app…mine was pretty basic cause I am not very computer savvy lol Hopefully you follow through and really think about creating this app! I would definitely download it!

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