Semester Reflection


Writing for this blog has been great. This past semester I’ve been finding new music in new ways and have asked my own peers about their music choices. At first I was skeptical about the blog assignment but It has turned out to be a fun active project. I’ve learned how to utilize research tools online, source material from other sites and manage my first WordPress account.

The blog has been a great social media tool as well. I’ve gotten more followers on my twitter account, instagram and even on youtube. I hopefully will keep writing for this blog and keep scrounging for new music for all to hear!

I leave you with Jaguar by Owsla, a bit of a monster..



snowglobe_2012_02Lake Tahoe is once again throwing their annual EDM SNOWGLOBE Festival in the late December and I want in! A killer lineup + snow? What could be more fun than dancing in a sweaty club atmosphere while being covered in white powder…which would be snow. I thought I would make a Storify for viewers to get a feel of the festival, its hype and the artists that will be preforming.

—> Snowglobe Storify

Genuine Leather!

Recently a colleague of mine, Will Hoback, approached me about taking photos for his newest band project, Genuine Leather. A nostalgic indie rock band, that rocks more than it indies.. They played their show at Mohawks in Austin Texas. Genuine started off their first set with “Jet” by Wings, a risky but bold choice and it was pulled off NICELY. From that point on I was into it, the crowd was into it, the band was into it. Massive amounts of energy were being poured on stage along with creativity a raw musical talent. To say the least… It was a great show. I managed to pull away with a few good images, ENJOY and go check out more from this fun Austin based red bull drinking rock band.


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18 year old Lithuanian singer Greta, a.k.a GJan, is making an early and efficient splash in the UK. Not only is she beautiful, but has a style and voice like none other. Her sharp, strong vocals strike hard in her newest single “Now You”. A complete change up from her more amateur euro club bangers, “Now You” is American chart worthy. The track is a heavy brick, a ceiling to floor mix that deserves volume and attention. Within the track GJan’s voice is unique and could stand alone in a cluster of popular female vocalists. I really can’t wait to see what else she and producer Roko pump out of the East London scene in the upcoming year. She’s carrying a legacy affiliated with artists such as Adele and Jessie J from the Shoreditch area, lets hope she crosses the pond soon..

What are YOU Listening to?

Recently I’ve been seeing SO many headphones on my campus here at Texas State University. So what are people listening to? I was so curious I had to find out for myself. My colleague Morgan Londene and I went on to pursue an “on the spot” interview session asking about student’s music choices and resources. We found so many different answers and had music such as Frank Sinatra all the way to Brittany Spears written on our board. Take a look for yourself! Soon I’ll be uploading a Spotify playlist featuring the tracks written down 🙂