New Colors



Grab buckets of neon colored paint, an over sized canvas and make some art! Wisconsin duo, French Horn Rebellion is a hot heat in the “lose all inhibitions” pop scene. Standing with other greats, (Yelle, MGMT, Cut Copy) French Horn is getting the deserved respect in addition with their new single, Caaalifornia. This song features Ghost Beach as well as slappy bass lines, funky riffs and a whole bucket of chopped tones. The Ingredients mix for a perfect feel good arena pop anthem.

Need more Cali post-summer juice? The featured artist in the single Ghost Beach brings the tropic grit for days.


Looks like a Set Up

favored 3 unique musicians came together crossing land and sea by chance to make up what we now know as “Favored Nations“. The name not extremely telling, but the sound speaks for itself. A clash of hand clasping, four on the floor, trans-tropical, bank robbing montage, hybrid electronic type of vibe. In particular, their newest single “The Set Up”, displays elements of The Bravery mixed with classic Daft Punk tracks, and an added touch of the band Spoon. The trio consists of Morgan Phalen, James Curd and Surahn Sidhu, hailing from LA, Chicago and Australia. As much as I’d love to classify this as Aussie Pop, it remains the brain child equally divided by its members. The Blame Game EP features a disco hopping indie folk collage of acoustic instruments, synth arpreggiators and neon electric guitar upstrokes. A pure summer EP, sunny and sticky.

The best part? (what could be better). Favored Nations gets massive air time on the spanking new Grand Theft Auto 5 as a part of its original soundtrack. “The Set Up” doesn’t just blast in your ear while you’re flying a stolen helicopter and joyriding over the city, but it’s featured as the credit song within the main story.  So yea…Expect to hear this as the game comes to a perfect conclusion while you’re looking out into a beautiful Los Santos sunset scene. Good publicity? You bet your sweaty palms it is, GTA5 accumulated $800 million in revenue within the first 24 hours of release selling nearly 13 million units. Most likely helping Favored Nation’s “Klout” score just a bit… Keep your ears open for future releases from this laid back Cali coast, Chicago city, Aussie outback trio.

If you have the time (which you do or you wouldn’t be reading this) give the GTA5 soundtrack a listen. Featuring artists like Yeasayer, Neon Indian, and Twin Shadow. A fun project showing off the muscle and influence of Rockstar Studios.

Making Waves

Wave Racer, fresh out of the box and still has that new car smell. A mountain of hang gliding synths and a bass drum that punches harder than Mike Tyson playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for the first time. This Sydney based artist captures the after after after party glow, taking on an almost unrealistic environment. Rock U Tonite is a touching homage to Rustie‘s “Surph” from Glass Swords, and takes the sub genre “MAXIMILISM” to a new floor. This track has the energy and electricity of a party and lifestyle that one has yet to achieve, and is only the tip of a much larger tip of an iceberg yet to be discovered.

THE MOMENT: In Rock U Tonite, Wave Racer plays off the high intensity of the rhythm section, loud and proud. What impresses most is the under use of top to bottom tom rolls that we see so often saturated in what I like to call the era of Tomination. (Washed Out, Ryan Hemsworth, Karl X Johan). The moment for me happens to be the second use of the top to bottom roll, 2:40-2:45. A complete and utter earthquake. LISTEN, LIKE, LOVE.

Not to be confused with this childhood gem.


Thank you and welcome.

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